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For some artists it's not enough to just create art, they want to teach the craft and bring even more of that creativity into the world. If this sounds like you, then good news--we're here to help you do exactly that and then some. At Michael's Barber & Hair Stylist Academy, we'll teach you how to teach others to shine, bringing you into an exciting and rewarding career as a Barber Instructor

 This course is great for those seeking a career as a licensed Student Salon or Classroom Instructor, Salon Owner or Manager, State Board Member/Examiner, Director of Education, School Administrator or Owner


Theoretical study (175 clock hours) trains the student in the basic principles of barber instruction such as theory of teaching, practical demonstrations, conducting theory classes, state barber law, record preparation, clinic floor supervision, safety of clients/students, seeking and obtaining employment, salon management/record keeping, professional ethics, effective communication, human relation, and payroll deductions. 


This portion of the course also includes:

  • Lesson planning

  • Personality and professional conduct

  • Development of a barber course

  • Student learning principles

  • Principles of teaching

  • Basic teaching methods

  • Teaching aids

  • Testing

  • Self evaluation

  • Teaching adults

  • Classroom problems

  • Classroom management

This course fully covers both theory and practical barbering using the four step teaching plan in accordance with Texas state requirements. It teaches how to properly utilize textbooks, audio-visual aids, and other mediums to their best advantage in classroom. A secondary focus is placed on providing information about specific teaching techniques to be used in the classroom, how to achieve professional competence as a teacher; and to be prepared for State licensing exams in order to receive their license as a Barber Instructor


During the practical portion of the course (575 clock hours), students receive hands-on instruction in:

  • Assisting with students

  • Theory class (assisting teacher, observing, teaching)

  • Learning office procedures and state laws

  • Grading test papers (assisting teacher, observing, grading)

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