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Barber Training in Dallas, TX


Fashion and style is all about sharing your uniqueness with the world. Hair is often one of the biggest statements people make about who they are. Whether you want to own your own business or be more hands on, Michael's Barber & Hair Stylist Academy will teach you how to help people shine by bringing you into an exciting career as a Class A Barber.

A Class A Barber Program doesn't require any previous barbering experience or training. This course is great for those seeking a career as a licensed barber/stylist, barbershop owner or manager in the state of Texas. Combining theory and hands-on practical shop training we'll help you prepare for your license and future career.


Theoretical study (130 clock hours) provides students with comprehensive instruction on the scientific fundamentals of barbering to help them develop an understanding of industry standards and practices. Students attend theory class 5 hours each week and will normally be given a quiz/test on the material covered. There is no theory class on Saturday. Theory is taught on a modular basis to accommodate weekly start dates should the school so choose.  Course studies include:

  • History of barbering

  • Use and care of barber implements/tools

  • Bacteriology, sanitation and sterilization

  • Men’s shaving

  • Facial treatments

  • Chemistry of hair coloring/permanent waving/relaxing

The course fully covers Texas state laws, regulations and guidelines. Along with ethical business practices, secondary focuses are also placed on marketing/advertising, public relations and salesmanship. This course is a superior education in barbering. Enjoy the absorbing atmosphere of barbering with other passionate and aspiring artists.


During the practical portion of the course (870 clock hours), students receive hands-on instruction in:

  • Haircutting for men, women, and children

  • Razor cutting

  • Styling

  • Coloring

  • Straightening/Waving

  • Beards/Mustaches

  • Singeing

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