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Dallas Hair Styling School

Interested in attending Dallas hair styling school? Michael’s Barber & Hair Styling Academy has comprehensive programs that will prepare you for the future. As a licensed and accredited program, your knowledge and experience will be well-respected upon graduation. Our students usually have no trouble finding steady employment. In fact, some go on to become barber owners and barber instructors!

Courses Offered at Our Dallas Hairdressing School

Michael’s Barber & Hair Stylist Academy offers three programs:


  • Class A barber. Perfect your craft during your time at our hair styling schools in Dallas TX. Learn the history of barbering, how to clean and sanitize tools, how to cut hair and so much more.

  • Barber instructor. Planning on becoming a classroom instructor one day? This course is a great fit and will train you to become a licensed instructor.

  • Cosmetology operator to Class A barber. This course is great for students who already have a cosmetologist license and want to become a barber.

Not sure which program is right for you? Contact our Dallas hair styling school today to discuss your options and which classes will help you reach your goals.

Why Choose Our Hair Styling Schools in Dallas TX

Our hair styling academy is always looking for new talent. Here are some advantages you can expect as a student of our Dallas hairdressing school:


  • Financial aid available for students who qualify

  • Clean, bright facility with modern tools and gadgets

  • Comprehensive courses that will teach you everything you need to know

  • Licensed, accredited program that is well-known in Texas and beyond

  • Accessible location with public transportation and a diverse clientele

  • Opportunity to learn from highly engaging, skilled instructors

Apply to Our Barber School Today

If you plan on becoming a hair stylist one day, Michael’s Barber & Hair Stylist Academy is an excellent place to start your journey. Contact us today or apply online to our Dallas hair styling school.

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